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Our site audit is the first step in understanding what is happening with your website and moving it closer to increased ROI.

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It is really important to know the size of your market and geographical area.

The most important point is knowing how many people are looking for YOUR services.

Hundreds – if not thousands – of ready and willing purchasers are looking for weed outlets every day. Wouldn’t you want to know those numbers so that you could capitalize on that potential?

In fact, let us give you an idea. Just click here, and tell us where your store is located, and we will email you a quick report with real data.

We will tell you how many more potential customers you might reach.

A Specialist SEO Agency

Our Cannabis Site SEO Audit

Area Search Volume.

In order to improve your metrics, it is first important to Know Your Market. Potential customers search in various ways using similar but different words.

By knowing how they are looking for your products, you can better manage your Return on Investment by:

  • increasing potential shoppers to your online store,
  • increasing foot traffic to your physical location,
  • Increasing brand discoverability.

Click here, and tell us where your store is located, and we will email you a quick report with real current numbers!

Analyze Website.

Our team will analyze your website's performance and identify areas that need improvement. We will look at ways to optimize your site, improve responsiveness, and enhance overall user experience.

We want to help you increase traffic, conversions, and ROI through:

  • understanding the current environment,
  • identifying both SEO and technical issues,
  • uncovering growth potential through local SEO.

Analyze Competition.

We all know the competition is fierce in the cannabis industry! New players arrive in the marketplace everyday.

That's why we review their data, and conduct side-by-side comparisons with your own site statistics.

We look for weaknesses where we can make inroads to boost your site's performance.

We want them to worry about your advancement, not the other way around!

Actionable Plan.

After we have collected all of our information, and reviewed the data, we will provide you a comprehensive report with observations and recommendations.

At that point you have two options:

  1. You can choose us to carry out your SEO objectives, and let us help you take your metrics to the next level.
  2. You are welcome to take the report and walk away. Even if you decide not to work with us, you will have a meaningful Plan of Action.


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